How cPNI is going to fix my Lyme Disease and change my life for good

24 jul 2017

Diseases. Everyone has them, even when you take care of yourself, eat right and work out, you can get sick. A tick bite gave me Lyme disease, which was the cause for several join inflammations. Now, conventional medicine would subscribe antibiotics to battle the disease. But what antibiotics do, is kill bacteria, good and bad, which doesn’t really fix my problem. So I turned to cPNI, and went to doctor Leo Pruimboom, the founder of cPNI (Clinical Psycho-Neurological Immunology) to set up a battle plan. This is what I’m doing the next three months:

  • Oral intake of probiotics (the bacteria your body needs) via rinsing my mouth and nose. Basically, restoring the ear-nose-throat barriers – since I was suffering a lot from sinusitis in my childhood – and getting the bad bugs out of me by replacing them with good bugs.
  • Lactoferrine and Mannose supplements in high doses during 2 weeks, followed by a maintenance dose for 10 weeks.
  • No meat or products from mammals (i.e. lactose) and no gluten. I also chose to skip alcohol, but that’s more a personal choice to make it a bit harder on myself and off course to lower inflammation.
  • A lot of fish and seafood which contains Omega 3 (DHA/EPA): strong anti-inflammatory and it migrates the immune system.
  • Food rich in HDL cholesterol: avocado, eggs, salmon, … Cholesterol protects against bacterial diseases.
  • Eat as many fruits, vegetables, and herbs (up to 120 different ones per week) and emphasize on green and yellow vegetables, since they are anti-inflammatory.

The first two weeks are focused on getting my hypothalamus ready for what’s coming: a complete reset of my immune system.

  • Sleep: I start week 3 by staying up for 38 hours (from 8am the first day until 10pm the second day).
  • Eating: intermitting fasting is key here. Regular periods of fasting (overnight fasting 13-16h) but also days with only 1 meal, so my organs aren’t working non-stop and energy can go fully to the immune system.
  • Heat: uncomfortable hot stimuli (e.g. sauna) are also on the schedule. Fun fact: extreme and intermittent heat or cold help your body to reset its immune system.

You can see, the regime is spartan-like and will prove to be hard, but the rewards measure up to it. Simply said, with cPNI, I’m going back to the roots, back to the stone age even, to wake my body up and reap the benefits of living like a cave man with the technology we have today.

Who’s with me? You don’t need my conditions or my background to improve your life, cleansing your body is for everyone and makes you act sharper and think clearer. Take back control of your own health and performance!

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