Three months of CPNI: the effects

13 aug 2017

As you can read in my first blog, I have Lyme’s. With a 3 month treatment, described by doctor Leo Pruinboom, I’m tackling the disease. The methods used are pretty extreme, so it only seems fair to share with you the effects it’s having.

I’m now in week 4 of the treatment, and I stayed up for 38 hours about a week ago. Although it was hard, I felt reborn, because I restarted my hypothalamus, and in doing so got to jumpstart my nervous system.

After feeling tired in the first 2 weeks because of the high doses in lactoferrine, my energy level got boosted, which resulted in faster lap times on my weekly run.

Foodwise, it’s not easy to follow such a strict diet. You can plan and shop, but restaurants usually don’t offer alternatives to gluten or lactose products. Skipping the occasional glass of wine was hard at first, but gets easier. Fun fact: your nervous system is responsible for addictions, so restarting it helps more than a little.

Intermittent living was already a part of my routine, so the (extreme) hot sauna’s and overnight fasting, together with fast breathing hypoxia are still helping me get out of homeostasis (the normal state of your body). I’m detoxicating my body, making my brain more dominant in all situations, becoming more flexible and boosting my immune system. To explain fast breathing hypoxia, I’ll show you an exercise below of my regimen, which is a 6 minute excercise that starts with 30x breathing in and out fast and holding the breath out apnea as long as you can. For more info, feel free to contact me.

Don’t just copy and paste this without consulting a certified professional first. Every individual is different and needs a specific diagnose and treatment, contact me to talk about this!

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